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Habitech, Leader in Leed


Habitech – Technological District from Trentino for energy and environment, is the main national pole for sustainable building construction and renewable energies. It also supports innovation, industries and projects development. Roverplastik and Habitech share the common object of transforming the market to sustainability, through the development of solutions and innovative products.

In order to realize its project, Habitech introduced the standard LEED® (LEADERSHIP IN ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN) in Italy, starting the Green Building Council Italia as promoter. Nowadays, the Council can count more then 500 companies all over Italy.

Habitech leads an analysis about energy sustainability on single products of the companies, with particular respect to the standard LEED®. Through this system, a series of measurable requirements can be fixed, in order to define the building’s level of environmental friendliness.

In Italy, LEED® is developed and promoted by GBC Italia, association founded by Habitech with headquarters in Rovereto (TN).

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CasaClima Project was thought to answer the necessity of energy savings and of the use of available resources in a rational way. All this in order to safeguard the planet, but without having to waive the comfort. 

CasaClima is the espression of energy efficiency. This a building standard which faces the future, adaptable both to new constructions and existing ones. 

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National Association for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation. ANIT’s main general objectives are diffusion, promotion and development of thermal and acoustic insulation in the construction industry; objectives which have been conceived to safeguard the environment and people wellness.

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Information Center PVC’s objectives:

  • Promoting knowledge of PVC, its advantages applicable and environmental, and the economical importance of PVC industry
  • Promoting the high quality of PVC artifacts in every sector
  • Participating to standards definition, national rules and regulations, and contributing on drafting the european regulations
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Automation Specialist

Roverplastik have been collaborating with Somfy since long time, in a strong partnership spirit, in order to offer the best products and services in the market.

Somfy projects and produces engines, remote controls and automastism to move house openings. These engines and automatisms are then provided to industries which assemble them with their products (roller blinds, shutters, curtains…).

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Certification of Qualification for Public Works


In november 23th 2011, Roverplastik obtained the Certificate of Qualification for Public Works (SOA).

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PosaClima is a partnership among the most qualified professionists in order to develop an effective system, complete, cheap and innovative for the laying of doors and windows.
Roverplastik is Partner PosaClima with Straudi, Gruppo Metra, Alfa Solare, Hanno, 3KS, Corà e Grisser.

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EEBUILD.IT is the integrated system which offers to professionist all the services needed for a BIM planning, reducing time and costs. 

The aim is to improve the environmentally sustainable projects through the multidisciplinary approach of contents, in order to allow the developers to dialogue with other specialists and understand their reasons.