08 set 2014

Roverplastik’s TermoTelaio ISOLA for an energy-saving window

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The modern false frames functions are to integrate with other building elements of window hole, so as to form the seat for a laying of the frame energetically efficient.

The materials traditionally used for false frames, however, do not always allow to meet all these requirements.

In fact, plastic materials are ideal because they are termal cutting and do not dilate after they have been layed because of heat or cold, but they do not always have enough rigidity. Metallics materials or aluminum are quite strong, but they create a “thermal bridge” with the conseguent danger of mold growth on interior walls and dilate  with changes in temperature, causing cracks in the finishes close to the false frame.

Despite of all traditional solutions of iron, wood-aluminum or PVC, TermoTelaio Isola™ meets all the requirements of a window hole, thanks to the combined use of materials with different characteristics, such as aluminum and PVC.

This is an ideal and complete solution, independently manage, for a high energetic efficiency window hole.

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