The Company

The Company

Roverplastik S.p.A.

The story

Roverplastik was founded in 1965 by today’s President, Renato Festi, as a one man business. He started the production of PVC roller blinds, with no other personnel, in a rented area in Rovereto. Over the years Roverplastik has widened the product range. With 40 years of experience, Roverplastik Spa is the leader company for creativity and technological innovation in the field of products conceived for a comfortable home.


Today Roverplastik is recognized as a wide range manufacturer for the production of motorized roller blinds, roller blind boxes, motors for hung shutters, weatherstrips for wooden door and window frames, aluminium sections for waterdrip, PVC folding doors and RoverBlok, a special prefabricated counter-frame system for doors and Windows.

Innovation and Research

The care Roverplastik takes in developing this range ensures products to be solid and burglar-proof. Top-quality materials and modern technologies allow excellent characteristics as the security for the end-users (steel roller blinds with polyurethane insulation are an excellent burglar-proof barrier) and as the insulation, both thermal and acoustic. Motorization is another strong point: the rapid development of domestic automation today allows us to control and operate all the home systems just by sending a short message by a mobile phone.


In 1997 Roverplastik obtains Quality System Management certification by Det Norske Veritas, as to the international standard ISO 9002:1994, later updated to the standard ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. An important stage in company development is represented by the enlargement of the production area


Roverplastik has been recognized as “Casa Clima Partner” thanks to the high technical competence demonstrated in the planning and in the sustainable management of its production (that is manufacturer able to respect the strict standards imposed by this well-known system of energy certification of buildings); Partner Habitech with RoverBlok mapped LEED by TÜV Italy; Partner Information Centre PVC; Partner ANIT.


In October 2009 was born “Roverplastik News”, an editorial project designed to let customers discover the company’s world, and make them share values and activites.