Great success at ANIT

Novembre 14, 2014Uncategorized

Another great success for Roverplastik to be counted in its list of conventions and fairs participations. This in particular was held Wednesday, November 13 on the occasion of ANIT’s 3rd National Congress.

ANIT , the National Association for the Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, has organized this unique event in order to celebrate its 30th anniversary, titled “Because the greener energy is the one which is more convenient and the acoustic comfort is a right for health”.

Roverplastik, a 50 year-old leader in the window opening technology, had the pleasure of being among the exhibitors and emphasized once again the importance of energy efficiency with and interesting seminar: “Solutions of the conservative riqualification thermal-acoustic of the rolling shutter box” held by Aldo Guardini, our technical manager.

The event was held from 10am to 6.30pm at the Starshotels Business Palance in Milan, 3 Gaggia Street.

This has been an important occasion for the experts in this sector to meet each other and present the most efficient technologies on the market.