Roverblok is an innovative prefabricated counter-frame system for doors and windows. Once the Roverblok frame is inserted in the wall opening, the complete door or window can be installed in just a few steps. After the installation, Roverblok is ready for use. The savings in time, costs and energy are considerable.

An innovative system for windows from Trentino: Roverblok, produced by Roverplastik, is a prefabricated insulating frame to be built into walls when under construction, ready for door and window installation. Roverblok is made to measure and is compatible with all doors and windows with shutters or roller shutters on the market.

Roverblok also represents an aesthetic innovation for your home: the wooden casing for the roller shutter is out of sight and takes up no space on the wall over the window. The hidden casing also avoids any design or installation error due to use of materials with different technical characteristics, thus ensuring that heat insulation remains fully effective. Roverblok has heat and noise insulation properties that have allowed it to obtain the highest certification levels for insulation and energy saving. Performance exceeds that of other window and door systems, and insulation is better than the levels imposed by regulations.

Roverblok lets you save time and money. One man (so less labour) can install the frame in a single operation (less time, and no need to wait for masons or carpenters) while also minimising error.

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