Roverplastik Spa takes part in

Roverplastik Spa is going to take part in “Ristrutturare”: a great convention devoted to the expert Renovation. In the morning, we will speak of renovations for residences of quality and in the afternoon about how to realize a virtuous condominium. The aim is that of suggesting systems and modalities for an high-class renovation. Important trade names and freelancers will intervene in order to signal opportunities and optimal solutions to architects and designers. For the occasion, the Architect’s Manifesto- becoming, doing, being architects- will be presented, in connection with the election of the Council’s Association of architects of Milan and province and with the approach of the last days available to vote (30 of October- 11 of November). President-architect is Maurizio De Caro, for the election of a new Council more in step with the demands of a city which is getting closer with the Expo 2015 and needs a stronger, more dynamic and open Professional Association. Missione Architetto with architect Fabio Vicamini supports this candidacy. (