Also EdilNova trusts in Roverplastik’s Monoblok for a major residential project in Matera

Ottobre 10, 2014Uncategorized

Roverplastik, has been chosen by EdilNova of Matera for a major residential project to be built in the town of Basilicata.

The project involves the construction of a housing complex made up of 41 private homes, characterized by a high thermal and acoustic comfort, thanks to the use of materials with low environmental impact and high recyclability and to the installation of panels and PV systems for energy and water savings.

For this project, Roverplastik has provided Edilnova its universal solution Monoblok Energy (Classic version), which is characterized by the most rapid delivery times compared with products “tailored” by Roverplastik, while maintaining high performance of thermal level and acoustic insulation.

Monoblok Energy is easily usable in all construction contexts, suitable for all installation methods and it can reduce time and labor costs. Monoblok Energy is ideal to isolate the window hole guaranteeing a good result in terms of aesthetics, because the system is concealed in the wall and laid out with everything you need to build a workmanlike finish.