Renova isolates your old blind box from drafts and noise

Renova, this is the name with which our company now identifies a whole set of products, thought to complete, together with the substitution of the frame, the energetic renewal of the window hole, with no need of building works. Renova project has therefore been thought for the field of building renovation, a trade which is making an appearance increasingly interesting in terms of business. Renova is a set of products which conceptually attain to our experience, already recognized, in offering solutions for the window hole. Renova is part of the offer “PosaClima”, a plan shared by several companies that make available to framers high-level quality products and materials, which, combined with an innovative and qualified technique of laying, allow to get high and long-lasting performances. Renova offer is composed of several elements, which share a unique philosophy: flexibility and high performances. Depending on the kind of box the framer has to face with, we have the right solution for every need.

For the horizontal underside of the box, Roverplastik has produced “TermoPav”, the insulating panels arranged for the joint of the small brush holder draught proof board and shaped to facilitate cut and measure. The hole surrounding the rolling shutter is, on the other hand, thermally and acoustically insulated through flexible panels, “Flexoterm Plus”, in insulating expanded material, coupled with a heat-reflecting sheet of aluminium, and “Acu-stop” in phono-insulating material in bituminous base. The panels are placed with specific retaining boards in order to guarantee an easy inspection of the box and not to use expanding suds in furnished rooms with the possible risk of dirty; then with the same panels we continue with the insulation of the lateral side of the box.Together with the small brush, attached to the “Termopav” panel, on the external side, a second small brush holder board is provided and these both limit the air passage through the light passing between rolling shutter and frame, considerably improving the thermal performances of the box.

The package Renova proves to be easy and clean, so ideal for the framers who can therefore intervene on the frame, with a simple and fast procedure and without necessarily substituting the box, so avoiding the work on the wall. In this way the whole window opening is renewed and the costs, the time and the inconveniences for the customer are reduced.

Renova is then ideal for renovations because it is not ‘invasive’, though guaranteeing that energetic efficiency required not only by the norms but also by a public more and more attentive to the economical saving and the environmental sustainability